Wedding Photographer Epsom

Let me introduce myself!

I’m Adele and I’ve been a wedding photographer for well over 10 years now. I now live in Epsom, Surrey but before moving south I spent 13 years living in Edinburgh after finishing my degree. In 2012 I went travelling around Asia where I met my now Husband. He convinced me to move to London with him in 2013 and I had the best day of my life marrying him in May 2015.

Most days you can find me getting a caffeine fix whilst I edit the latest Wedding Photos in my home studio in Epsom. I absolutely love exploring where we live, here in Surrey and it is certainly a lot warmer than my previous home in bonny Scotland.

I am mostly known for enjoying a good natter and a little bit of cake (and a lot of coffee) and on certain evenings a cheeky G&T with a slice of lime. My guilty pleasure is a bit of X-factor which drives my husband nuts and I’m always turning the thermostat up just after he’s turned it down. I’m definitely a morning person (thanks to the aforementioned coffee) and I love a cold crisp morning with a bright blue sky.

Past clients mostly appreciate the way I let their wedding flow and being present without being dominating. My aim is to provide you with a set of photographs which take you right back to the moment it all happened. I’d like you to see the captured seconds of joy and laughter on people’s faces. My aim is to document and accurately reflect all the emotion and happiness of your big day.

I aim to work around you on your wedding day; I love to capture natural, spontaneous moments and these are done best when you don’t even know I’m there. However, I know you may need some group photos for the album too. For these I will give some gentle guidance and help to shepherd your guests into the right places, to make sure you get the wedding photographs you want.

There is truly nothing more fulfilling than being there to capture the most beautiful moments in life. It’s such a privilege to be there and I do not take such responsibility lightly. I care more than my clients know about the images I create. My heart and soul is poured in to each and every photograph to be sure that I create the best memories which in time will tell the story of one the greatest moments of your life.
I’ve been privileged to be there at some of the most wonderful weddings, capturing some of the most beautiful and funniest moments I can remember. I would love to be part of your special day as your wedding photographer and if you’d be interested in having me there then please do get in touch.
Please do not hesitate to give me a call for a chat by calling or emailing me at to discuss your plans.