Here are some top tips for looking your best on Wedding Photos!

1. Practice Good Posture

It might seem boring and dull, but standing up straight really does make a difference. Not only will it elongate you in photos, but it gives you an aura of confidence which in itself inproves any photograph. So lift in and up with your core tummy muscles and imagine there’s a piece of string pulling your head up and elongating your neck, lift your ribs up and out and you’re done. You’ll feel elongated and lighter and less sluggish which comes across really well in your photographs!

2. Arm Fat be Gone!

Get those arms away from your body! Squishing your upper arm against your body will make it look much bigger than it really is. If you find the hand-on-hip pose to be a bit forced, try holding your arms out from your sides ever so slightly. We want to see your waistline, so get those elbows away. You really will see the benefits in your photographs.

P.s. when your photographer says “put your hands on your hips”, what they actually mean is your waist. By putting your hands on your waist you elongate your legs and draw attention to your smallest width. Your actual hips are far lower and essentially the widest part of your figure. Look in the mirror and you’ll see 🙂

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3. Avoiding the dreaded double chin

Practice by pushing your jaw down and out, whilst stretching your neck and rolling your shoulders back.
Also it might feel strange, but by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling is an effective way to help avoid the dreaded double chin, as it elongates your neck and your jawline. Have a go in the mirror and see what looks good to you!

4. Positioning your bottom half

Try positioning your body so you’re 45 degrees to the camera and put the arm closest to the camera on your hip. Then plant one foot slightly in front of the other, point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back leg.

5. Cracking the perfect smile

Smiling is a tricky thing when it comes to photos. Too big, and it can look forced or fake, but none at all can make you look really grumpy or angry. What you want is a ‘natural’ smile, the sort you do naturally when the camera’s not on you. Smiling too wide on purpose will cause your face to tense up, your eyes to squint, and your cheeks to puff out, which is not going to make you look your best. Instead, take a momentt to relax your face and open your mouth slightly, so that your lower lip matches the curve of your upper teeth. This is universally flattering, and allows you to decide how much teeth you want to show. You can also try to do a little laugh before the shot to avoid a forced smile. If all else fails, just look at your other half and be in the moment and remember just how happy you really feel!

6. Where to hold your flowers.

Aim for just below belly button level. Not too high and not too low. This pushes your arms out with a slight bend at your elbow, which we’ve already mentioned above. It also shows off your flowers beautifully and breaks up the widest part of your body making you look lovely and slim.

7. Practice with your partner

It’s ok to practice posing in preparation for your wedding photos! Pre-wedding engagement shoots are a wonderful way to get some casual and natural shots of you both together and will save so much time with posing on the actual day. If you’re not having an engagement shoot then at least take a little time together in front of a mirror (or let a family memeber take some shots on a phone) to see what looks good and what doesn’t. It will give you that added piece of mind on the day that what you’re doing is looking fabulous.

8. Not feeling comfortable

Regardless of all the advice, you have to do what’s comfortable. All the posing advice in the world can’t make you more photogenic if you aren’t comfortable. In the end, it is helpful to keep all the posing tricks in mind, but it is best to do whatever comes naturally to you. By practicing in a mirror you’ll soon work out what feels natural, what you want to keep in mind for the big day and what feels down right weird.

If on the day your photographer has you doing something that you really really don’t like, then do tell them. Having your picture taken can feel a little weird and embarassing at first, but if you feel too far out of your comfort zone then do speak up. Engagement shoots really do come in handy here, you can practice and work with your photographer to find poses which are comfortable and natural whist bringing out your best side.

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