It’s not every day that you get to photograph your mums wedding!

My mum got married a couple of weekends ago at The Northcote in Langhoe, Lancashire and it was such a lovely day.

Northcote Wedding Lancashire

As well as being the photographer for the day, I had the task of helping her into her dress which seemed to have a never ending number of buttons, each as difficult as the next to fasten.


My handsome little nephew was to be a little pageboy for the occasion and had the most gorgeous little outfit to wear.


It was lovely to get a chance to be so close to my mum on the day. Most guests have to wait eagerly seated in the service before getting a peak at the bride but as her photographer I was right there behind the scenes capturing all those lovely moments.


It was Uncle who gave my mum away as my grandfather had sadly passed many years ago. Below are a couple of photos just before she entered the ceremony room.
Full of excitement and anticipation for the moments which lay ahead.



After the service it was time for a few family snaps…


and some shots of the interior as a keep sake.



Finally I took a few photos of the happy couple before putting my camera away to enjoy the rest of the celebrations as part of the family.


All in all a truly lovely day with lots of happy memories.

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