What a gorgeous couple!

Lara & Pete are getting married next August and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding, it is going to be every bit as gorgeous as the couple themselves.



I had a great day hanging out with Lara & Pete, they are such a lovely down to earth couple who were up for anything from lying down on the grass to trying out some lifts. It was such a fun afternoon, and it’s such a joy to photograph these lovely fun moments between two people so obviously in love.


As every photographer knows there is no substitute for gorgeous natural sunlight.
As the shoot progressed the sun became more and more beautiful.
We were so lucky to get such a lovely day as the weather had been particularly grim all week.


I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect engagement session.

lara-pete-engagement-79 lara-pete-engagement-24And I’m really looking forward to seeing them both again on their gorgeous Wedding Day.

Best of luck to you both with the rest of your wedding planning.

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