So for my own wedding I wanted to create a fun photobooth area for all my guests. I didn’t think it was necessary to spend a few hundred pounds getting a large photobooth shipped into my venue so I opted to do it myself, and here’s how I did it.

The Props…

I mainly used ebay to shop for my props and there are some amazing bargains on there! Below I’ve listed all the different elements along with links to the props as well as the individual prices.

Photobooth props
1. Tartan Hat £3.18 incl P+P

2. Giant pink clown glasses £2.99 incl P+P

3. Pineapple Sunglasses £2.59 incl P+P

4. Clown Afro Wig £2.48 incl P+P

5. Black Geek Glasses £2.79 incl p+p

6. Cool Glasses £3.98 incl P+P

7. Inflatable Parrot £2.48 incl P+P

8. Hawaiian Garlands £0.99 each incl P+P

9. Red Sunglasses £1.99 incl P+P

10. RAVE glasses £1.99 incl P+P

11. Card props on sticks £3.99 incl P+P

12. Pink Glitter Hat £4.25 incl p+p

13. Black Top Hat £3.85 incl P+P

14. Red Glitter Cowboy Hat £4.98 incl P+P

15. Gangster Hat £5.98 incl P+P

Hat props
So in total the props cost me £51.45 including postage and packaging
The suitcase box I bought from TK Maxx which fitted with our vintage travel theme. It was a bargain at £7.99!

Displaying the props

I found a cheap and cheerful way to display the cardboard props on sticks.

Photobooth prop jars
By making some cool labels to spice up some old jam jars I could present my cardboard cut out props easily

Photobooth prop jars and labelsI also made some of my own props on sticks. First of all I made the “I’m his MRS” and “I’m her MR” cards and then I made “Thank” “You” cards which are a great fun thing to photograph for Thank-you cards after the wedding.

DIY Photobooth signs

The Set up…

I’ll post some pictures of the actual photobooth after the wedding. I’ve trialled the set up at home and it works really well.

First I’ll set up my tripod and camera in the corner (I’d recommend placing it up against a wall so people aren’t walking around the back of it and tripping up over the tripod legs). I then use the cable which came with my camera to tether it to my laptop. I decided that I wanted to show guests a snapshot of their photo after it has been taken to add to the fun of the photobooth. Using Adobe Lightroom on the laptop will allow guests to browse the photos and see how great they look!

Another thing I decided to add to my photobooth was a personalised polaroid frame which I made. This will help guests know where to stand, framing them nicely in the shot. The frame is simply a piece of A0 2mm thick card with a square hole cut out. I got mine printed with our name and date on but you could simply hand letter this on the front of white card if you wanted.

Photobooth frame

In my wedding venue the photobooth will be set up in the conservatory and there’s wooden slats supporting the roof where we can hang the lightweight frame from.

The final thing I need to add is the remote control for my camera. This will be attached to the back of the frame (so no one walks off with it) and guests will be able to easily click the button to snap their shot!.

Is this for you?

I’ll admit that having your own tripod, camera and laptop set up is the biggest hurdle to setting up your own photobooth. Your camera does not have to be a super expensive one, a compact camera on a table top tripod would work just as well! I’d experiment working with what you’ve got before taking the plunge and buying all the props.

Another option is to have the props with a compact camera set down amongst them and people can take each others photos, it would be just as fun! You could then share all the photos online after the event and using a photo sharing service such as Flickr would allow guests to get their photos printed themselves after the event or download them to keep for themselves and share on social media.

There are loads of options and so many props to choose from, the fun can be endless! And at around £50 for everything you need it’s so much cheaper than hiring an expensive booth that you only get to keep for a few hours.

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