So your wedding photographs are ready! You eagerly look over your online gallery and you think how nice it would be to have an album to keep forever. But you don’t fancy the hassle of sourcing an album supplier and uploading all your images and designing a layout that works. Or maybe you think you will do it yourself but you know deep down you might never get around to it.

With your online gallery it couldn’t be simpler. You select your favourite images and I design your album for you! You will get to see the pages mocked up before the album is created, giving you the chance to make any changes and then I arrange for your album to be made using the highest quality photographic paper printed to the best professional standards.

The way I pull together your album is by asking you to go through the online gallery and “favourite” the images you would like to include in your album by using the heart icon in the bottom right hand corner of each image.

I usually recommend between 50-70 images
for the standard 30 page/15 spread album.

This number of images allows for some pages to include just one large image across the double page spread whilst other pages can include up to 9 tiled smaller images (or more if you wish).
If you have 15 spreads (two pages opened out create a full spread) then you might wish to have:

2 spreads dedicated to the getting ready part of your wedding day,
1 spread with a larger image of the bride,
2 spreads of the service ,
2 spreads dedicated to family/group photos,
3 or 4 spreads for pictures of the two of you as these are often nice as large full page spreads,
1 spread for details such as cakes, decorations and bridal accesspories,
1 or 2 spreads dedicated to the evening reception/dancing/cake cutting etc

This leaves a spread unallocated, so if you have any photos you’re really wanting to get in to the album but haven’t already included them in the pages above you have a spare page to play with. Many couples have different parts of the day which are their favourite in terms of the photos so if you don’t want any family formals in your album but you want more pictures of your guests dancing then feel free to fill the pages however you prefer.

Having a place to start in terms of visualising how many pages/images you need can often help.

Albums work best when they tell a story so I like to design your album so that it walks you through your day as it happened with the getting ready images at the start finishing up with the evening dancing at the end. Below is a slideshow showing some sample pages to give you an idea of how your album pages may be laid out.


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Albums can have more or less spreads than the standard 30page/15 spread album so if you want to include more photos in your album it’s not a problem (there’s just a minimum of 10 spreads/20 pages) .

Album Choices

Coffee Table Albums

Coffee Table Albums offer a modern alternative to the more traditional leather album.
Coffee Table Albums come in a Large 30x30cm size as well as a smaller 20x20cm size which is perfect for parent albums!
You can also order a pack of 8 10x10cm duplicates which make a lovely keepsake for relatives and members of the bridal party.
Square Coffee Table Wedding Albums

Leather Albums

Leather albums are available in a larger A4 size and a more compact A5 size.
Only large leather albums can be embossed (as shown in the images below),
a printing method is used on small leather albums.


Leather albums are available in the following colours.

There is an option to include a line of text under your names with either your wedding date or wedding venue if you would like to, so please let me know if you would like this adding.

Ultimately the number of images you choose is down to you. Just be aware that a lot of images on a page can make your album look overcrowded and a little less elegant. Here’s a slideshow showing some samples so you can judge for yourself what you’d prefer.

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